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Courtney SmithI Wrote the Best Performing Newsletter for 5 Years...and Quit!

Now I'm Back To Give You Those Powerful Profits Again!

I used to write a stock trading newsletter. By the end of 2000, Hulbert Digest ranked it the number one performing stock trading newsletter for the previous five years. I stopped editing it just a few months later. Cold turkey.

I stopped managing mutual funds and hedge funds. I stopped writing my stock trading and futures newsletters. I went cold turkey.


There were several reasons. I had accomplished everything I wanted in the financial world.

  • I had written six books on financial topics and had major publishers publish them (Several are still in print after 20 years! Go to and search on my name.).
  • I had held a senior trading management job at a major international bank.
  • I had held a major research position at a huge Wall Street firm.
  • I had been the CEO of a large futures brokerage firm.
  • I had been the treasurer of a Swiss bank.
  • I had run my own money management firm.
  • I had been the Chief Investment Officer of a mutual fund company.

The performance of my various ventures was superb.

  • I ran a hedge fund that was ranked the number one global macro hedge fund for five years.
  • My mutual funds got into the top 15% of their Lipper ranking categories.
  • My futures newsletter was ranked the best performing futures letter for five years by Hulbert Digest.
  • My stock trading letter was ranked the best performing letter for five years.

My only aggravation was that I was ranked second three years in a row for timing the US stock market. (The same guy, Don Wolanchuk, beat me each time!) In sum, I had done a lot over the previous 20 years. I had seen it all and then some.

I had proven my self in stocks, global markets, and futures. I didn't have anything else to prove.

I decided to become a software entrepreneur. Turns out that I was about as bad a software entrepreneur as I was good as an investor. The company collapsed a few years later.

I had to go through a thorough soul searching. I realized that in my heart of hearts, I was a trader and investor. I realized that my true nature was to trade markets, not be a manager of other people.

So I'm back in action!

I recently decided to launch an all-new stock trading newsletter. A newsletter that I believe will make you money.

I’ll tell you more about my story below but I want to first ask you a few personal questions.

- Have you ever had that feeling that you were just plain tired of your job?

- That you were working really hard but not really getting anywhere?

- Do you sometimes feel that just aren’t in control of your investments?

- Do you look at your bills with frustration?

- Do you see other people making more money in the markets than you are?

- Do you wish you could live the life you deserve?

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been in the same situation.

I want to help you move forward and break away from all that negativity.

I want to show you how to make money in the markets consistently.

I want to help you meet your bills and build a better life for yourself and your family.

I want to lead you to controlling your investments rather than your investments controlling you.

I want to put you on the path to making money in the markets…big money. And,yes, more money than the people around you.

I want to help you live the live you deserve. A life of ease. A life without worries.

I feel so confident that I can help you that I offer a unique Triple Guarantee that I’ll detail below.

Let me give you a little background about my new stock trading newsletter, Courtney Smith’s Stock Trading Letter.

I stopped writing my award winning stock trading newsletter in 2001. People were shocked that I did that.

Each month, the newsletter would list my recommendations. I’d update it with a weekly hotline. The circulation was usually over 20,000 subscribers. Performance was white hot. I’d say that my proudest achievement was making a large return in 2000 when just about every other newsletter was collapsing.

This wasn’t the first newsletter that I had got to the top of the rankings. My futures newsletter, World Investment Strategic Edge , had gotten to the top of the futures newsletter rankings a few years before.

I had also taking mutual funds and hedge funds I was managing that pushed them to the top or near the top of their ranking in their categories.

Proven Profitable

Wait, let me make that statement stronger. This newsletter will make you money...guaranteed. Not just guaranteed but triple guaranteed! I'll tell you about my unique triple guarantee down below. You'll be blown away by it. But let me continue telling you about why I believe that this stock trading newsletter will make you money.

I've taken all the knowledge that I've learned in the markets over the last 30 years and refined it. Yes, I've taken the techniques that I used to create the best performing stock trading letter for five years and made it even better. I look to outperform my competition even more this time around.

Look, I've told you enough about me but I hope that you are convinced that I can provide you with superior results. Let's focus even tighter on what you will get.

You will receive an issue of Courtney Smith’s Stock Trading Letter every week via email. I'll first go through my analysis of the market and give you deep insights into what is really going on. I'm not going to repeat the usual analysis of the loser pundits out there. They don't make money. I'll give you fresh and insightful analysis not found anywhere else.

I'll educate you and show you techniques that you can use in your own investing. I'm going to pull back the curtain and show you how I consistently outperform the market. Other gurus try to keep you in the dark and try to make themselves mysterious. I guess they are afraid that you will see that there is just a little old man behind the curtain, not the might Wizard of Oz. I guess they are afraid that you won't subscribe if you see how they make their decisions.

You will end up more profitable and more educated at the end of one year of taking the Stock Trading Letter.

Each issue also contains commentary on some of the stocks that we recommend.

Most importantly, the last page in every issue is a table of every stock we recommend. This table tells you what stocks to buy, what price to buy them, why we are buying them, how big a position you should take, and where to place a protective stop loss order.


I Reveal the Secrets to Making Money in the Markets

I put every stock in the portfolio through a rigorous series of tests. There are 13,000 stocks for sale and I want to make sure that we have only the best stocks in our portfolio.

Unlike other stock trading letters, I actually use more than one technique to select stocks. There are many ways to make money in the market. I've gone through just about all of them and have come down to several that have proven track records of making money. Most stock gurus try to convince you that they have the only way to make money in the market. Bunk.

First, we must examine the fundamentals of the stock. Are they growing earnings? What does the future look like? Do they have a monopoly in their niche? How sustainable is their earnings growth? Is there a catalyst for more growth? Any problems on their balance sheet? 

But I look at these factors from a rigorous point of view. Which fundamentals actually cause higher stock prices? Those are the factors I focus on.  Most stock gurus try to convince

Second, is the price level of the stock below its value? Many great companies have terrible stocks because they are overvalued.

Third, when is the right time to buy? You can have a great company and a great stock but you can still lose money if you buy at the wrong time. So we use technical techniques that have been proven over decades of providing excellent buy points.

Put Your Money Making on Autopilot and Go Play Golf

This is hard core actionable information. I've laid it out nice and easy for you. Take that page, enter the orders on Monday morning, and go do something else for the week.

Isn't this the point? Make money in the market and do something else?

Isn't this the freedom that you are looking for? The freedom to travel, play golf, play with your kids, to do whatever you F E E L like!

OK, OK, maybe we won't make money for you every week but we will make money for you if you follow our simple instructions precisely


This Letter is Not For Everyone!

This letter is not for every investor. It is only for a select few.

So, are you one of the select few that can handle such a stock trading letter? Can you not get emotionally involved in your stocks? Can you handle taking small losses if a stock isn't acting right? Can you emotionally shrug off little losses?

I was running that highly successful stock trading newsletter. The publisher told me that they found it very easy to get new subscribers. After all, it was the best performing newsletter around. They sold that track record and tens of thousands of people subscribed.

But something amazing happened. Although it was easy to get people to subscribe, it was harder to get them to re-subscribe. I couldn't believe it! Why wouldn't people want to keep getting the most profitable advice in the business.

The publisher sent out surveys and held focus groups. It turned out that the big problem was that a lot of people couldn't handle putting in stop loss orders to protect themselves.

You see, I believe in cutting risk, cutting risk, and then cutting risk some more. I hate to lose money. It's against my religion.

I put in a protective stop for every position. Sure I get stopped out of stocks. All the time. But I don't mind because it protects me.

Apparently, a lot of investors get interested in a stock and hate to see themselves stopped out. They get emotionally involved in the stock. To me, a stock should be making me money or I fire it.

Imagine two investors in March 2000. One is a buy and hold investor. He loses half his money over the next two years (much more if he is invested in tech stocks). The other one subscribes to my newsletter back then and then follows the same philosophy after that. He makes 35% in 2000 and makes money every year after that.

The first investor has just now got back to break even while the second investor has more than doubled their money.

I was about 80% in tech stocks at the high of the Bubble in early 2000. But my stop losses got me out of the market just under the highs and I then allocated the freed up capital to move largely into homebuilding stocks which were skyrocketing back then.

Here's the point. I don't get emotionally involved in my stocks. I want them to make money for me. I keep them if they do and fire them if they don't. I use stop loss orders to protect the downside for every trade I recommend.

I'm not asking you to day trade but to simply take the last page of the newsletter and enter those orders or changes to orders once a week. I even put the trades to enter in bold face to make it even easier.

We Are Limiting the Number of Subscribers!

I'm not writing this stock trading newsletter like I did the old one. That one had tens of thousands of subscribers.

I am strictly limiting this newsletter to just 1000 subscribers. That's right, I'm limiting the number of subscribers. Am I crazy?

No, I have some very good reasons.

The most important reason is that I want to make sure that the profitability stays high. I have never seen a high circulation publication make money for its subscribers for any length of time. For example, Value Line is a great publication with a great method for picking stocks. But it is so popular that you can't make money as a retail investor using their Timeliness rankings.

So I feel that keeping the number of subscribers to a select few will keep the System from getting traded out.

I also don't want to run some huge extravaganza with dozens of employees. I want to keep it small and manageable. I found I didn't like running big companies.

I want to keep this a personal newsletter. I want to know you and be able to serve your needs. I want to give you personalized service.

By the way, I'm going to keep raising the price of the letter as we get closer to the 1000 limit. The price will go up as the slots get smaller. But not for you! You will get the same low price for coming in early and believing in me. This is my give back to you! I'll talk more about this when I go through the stunning Triple Guarantee.

The key is that I am limiting the number of subscribers and you will reap the rewards in two ways:

  • You will be sure that you are not just a minnow trading this system but will be one of a select few sharks that will profit from my advice.
  • You will be guaranteed a price equal to or lower than those members of the public that subscribe after you.
  • Here's My Stunning Triple No-Risk Guarantee!

    I told you that I hate risk. I really do. I hate it.

    Why should I expect you to take a risk by subscribing to my letter? I don't!

    I don't think you should take a risk so I am offering you a stunning Triple No- Risk Guarantee.

    Full Money Back Guarantee

    I'm going to first send you four issues for free before I charge your credit card. Simply cancel before the month is up and you will have received four issues on me.

    But I'm sure you will like what you see and want to subscribe. We don't charge your card for the whole year. We just charge by the month so you are only risking a small amount. But I'll cheerfully (OK, maybe tearfully) refund your current charge if you are not happy for any reason. Bingo, we'll refund your money right back onto your credit card. No quibbles, no runaround.

    I Guarantee That You Will Make Money!

    I'm going to go further. I'll refund your whole year's subscription if you keep a subscription for a whole year and my recommendations don't make money!

    That's right, I don't make money if you don't make money! Why don't all newsletter give such a guarantee? Why should they make money if you don't!

    The only condition is that you follow all the recommendations precisely as I give them. Simple! Fair!

    I'm so convinced that you'll make money if you follow all my recommendations for a full year that I'm willing to go waaaay out on a limb and offer this sensational Money Making Guarantee.

    Guaranteed Low Charter Subscriber Price

    Over time, I'm going to be raising the price. I told you that I didn't want more than 1000 subscribers. I'm going to stop taking subscribers when I get near that point by raising the price.

    But you've shown your faith in me by subscribing so I think it only fair that you will always get the Charter Subscriber rate whatever it is. But I will guarantee that it will be much lower than the list price. You get a big discount forever!

    Free Bonus Teleseminar!

    I think I'm getting carried away but I want to make sure that you can't say no to subscribing to my new letter.

    If the quality of the advice and the letter are good enough and if the stunning guarantees aren't enough then let me another bonus that will help you make even more money.

    I'm going to schedule a quarterly teleseminar where I will give you my current outlook on the market as well as answer questions on the content and stock picks. It will be fun and educational!

    You Can Laugh At Money Worries - With This Simple Plan

    I’ve run out of ideas of how to make it so you have to subscribe. I love to provide huge value for a nominal price and I think I have here.

    Now, it is up to you to take the next step to make money in the markets the quick and easy way.

     CTCR, Inc.

    1158 26th St., #785

    Santa Monica, CA 90403

    You can't afford to not subscribe!

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